2016 New Year’s Resolutions

So with 2016 around the corner, I took some time to sit and reflect over the past year, all my downfalls as well as achievements. And I must say that there has been quite a few of each. I like listing my new year’s resolutions. I like setting goals for myself and achieving them. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So this year a majority of my resolutions revolve around building a better future. 

I recently turned 21 and I feel that my 20’s is the time for me to work hard and save so that i can be comfortable for my 30’s. Some of them are big, long term goals, other are smaller easier to reach goals.

  1. Open 2 separate savings accounts. A provident fund to save up for my retirement as well as a general savings account to keep for a rainy day. I think it is a perfect time to save money in your 20’s if you are able to as it will greatly benefit you when you are older. Gather wood in the Summer so that you can make a fire in the Winter.
  2.  Join the Gym. Okay, I know, EVERYONE says this! Its right up there with “this year I’m going to drink less alcohol” and “I’m going to volunteer at the animal shelter every week” also, the ever so popular “I’m going to make more of an effort to get on with my mother-in-law”. And before you know it, you are drunk and in a heated argument with your mother-in-law because she says that you are not ready to get a puppy.
  3. Reach my goal weight by October. I am very confident by nature, also I’m chunky, not fat. I have fat that I would like to lose. 10 Months sounds like a long time, but I am in no rush. I want do it the healthy way and also make sure the weight stays off!
  4. Do a trail run. I have been really into jogging lately. But trail running is something that I have always wanted to do. So this year I’m making it my mission to do at least 1 trail running race. Which brings me to my next goal:
  5. Do the IMPI challenge. The IMPI challenge has a couple of different options to choose from based on athletic skill etc. And being that I am entry level, I have chosen the IMPI Dash – Compacted challenge:
    5-6km with 7-9 obstacles
    R300 per entry
    Entrants must be 10+; adults welcome (families can compete together) – I might just rope my family in to do it with me!! 🙂
    Each finisher gets a finisher’s photo. 
  6. Pay off all my debt. I feel like it’s everyone’s dream to be 100% debt free. This is a long term goal as it i something that is going to take some time.
  7. Get medical aid. Since I turned 21, I am no longer on my parents medical aid. Which means if something was to happen to me (with my luck it will) I’m pretty screwed…
  8. Attend a theatre production. In my 21 years I have never attended anything more than my 13 year old sister’s annual school concert. But to experience a production, at an actual theatre, be it a classical music concert or even a ballet. Actually, ESPECIALLY a ballet!
  9. Go overseas. Thailand, Greece, Vietnam, Dubai – You name it, I want to go there. Also, I have never ever been overseas and it has been one of my biggest dreams. So this year I am making a point of achieving my dream!!
  10. Pursue a hobby. I am really into art and painting. It was one of my favourite pass times as a teenager and it’s definitely something I would love to get back into. I find it extremely comforting and therapeutic – WITHOUT the therapist’s bills! 😉

I wish you all nothing but an amazing, prosperous 2016!!


364 of 365


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