Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Today I decided to do something a little different to what I normally post. This is one of my all time favourite pumpkin pie recipes. And more than the actual recipe, I love the website I got it from. Once Upon a Chef is an easy to use with step-by-step (with pictures) instructions and just an all around great food blog.

Photo Cred: Once Upon a Chef

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

By Jennifer Segal

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Let’s Chat: Wedding Bells ♥

Every girl dreams about the day they get to play the ultimate game of dress up – her wedding day. I have had my whole wedding day planned by the age of 10. Continue reading “Let’s Chat: Wedding Bells ♥”

What I ate

What I eat in a day + recipes

Hi there 🙂

Today I thought i’d show what I eat in a day and also how to prepare some of the dishes. I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. I love reading them and I also LOVE learning new recipes and trying them out.  Continue reading “What I eat in a day + recipes”


2016 New Year’s Resolutions

So with 2016 around the corner, I took some time to sit and reflect over the past year, all my downfalls as well as achievements. And I must say that there has been quite a few of each. I like listing my new year’s resolutions. I like setting goals for myself and achieving them. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So this year a majority of my resolutions revolve around building a better future.  Continue reading “2016 New Year’s Resolutions”


What I had for breakfast: Blueberry Smoothie

Good morning and happy Wednesday 🙂

Gosh, am I glad we have finally made it till the halfway mark. Also, it’s one day closer to Christmas (16 days and counting… LOL!)

For breakfast this morning, I just wanted something easy to whip up, yet healthy and delicious at the same time, so I opted for a frozen blueberry and apple smoothie. Simple, yet effective. Continue reading “What I had for breakfast: Blueberry Smoothie”

Moodboards & Wish lists

The ultimate wish list

Hello Lovelies ♥

I love doing monthly moodboards/wish lists of things that I love and would like to own. It helps keep me motivated to work hard but it also helps me track my interests.   Continue reading “The ultimate wish list”


Let’s Chat: Life Update

So at the beginning of every month, I write a list of things that I would like to achieve in the month.  As a fairly ambitious human, I feel a constant need to achieve and grow. 2015 has taught me a lot and I have grown more in the past year than ever. Continue reading “Let’s Chat: Life Update”